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Breathalyzer AlcoHawk Elite

Breathalyzer AlcoHawk Elite

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The AlcoHAWK? Elite

is the most advanced unit in the handheld AlcoHAWK? Series line of breath alcohol testers. With a simple one-button function, the AlcoHAWK? Elite breathalyzer quickly screens for the presence of alcohol and is an ideal solution for portable testing. It also features a new temperature sensor to ensure testing is performed in the optimal temperature range (50 - 104 f), and utilizes a new blue lit LCD display making it the highest quality AlcoHAWK? Series product released to date. DOT Conforming Breath Alcohol Screener and has FDA 510k Pre-market Clearance. Comes pre-calibrated ready for use. Included items are gift box, tester, 5 mouthpieces, soft pouch, owner?s manual, quick start guide and 1 year warranty.

The new 2007 AlcoHAWK? Elite has been upgraded over the older models with Sensor Recognition Software to warn the user if certain type of damages occur to the sensor.


Temperature Check: The AlcoHAWK? Elite includes a temperature sensor that displays the temperature at the time of testing. The AlcoHAWK? Elite will display "hot" or "cool" in the new blue lit LCD display to warn if the temperature is outside of the optimal testing range, which ensures enhanced accuracy. This feature is only available in the AlcoHAWK? Elite and is the first semi-conductor breath alcohol screener on the market with this feature!

Blue Lit LCD Display: The AlcoHAWK? Elite is the first unit in the AlcoHAWK? Series to offer a blue lit LCD display to make the unit the most elegant AlcoHAWK? Series product ever released.

Electric Air Flow Sensor: The AlcoHAWK? Elite contains an electronic airflow sensor to ensure the user continues to blow through the unit. This is a vital new function because only samples of air from the deep lung are proportionate to blood alcohol content. This new innovative sensor ensures the user exhales through the mouthpiece over the 4-5 second exhale. This is an important feature for professional screening to prevent an intentional short exhale which could affect accuracy.

Sample Concentration Sensor: The AlcoHAWK? Elite contains a software upgrade to allow the unit to track if an even alcohol concentration is detected in the sample. This cutting edge technology serves as another check of sample integrity.

Ergonomic Design: The AlcoHAWK? Elite is portable, and offers a molded grip and curves to fit in the hand for comfortable use in the field.

BAC Range: 0.000 - 0.400% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration), +/- 0.01% at 0.02% Solution2

9v Alkaline Battery or 110 volt Wall Adapter

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